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Aadhaar Card: An identification system that is termed a unique or other identification number has been adopted by India to protect the requirements of individuals residing in the country. The individual identification system is quite popular in several nations because it enables the government of India to channel the targeted services to the individuals as well as enhance the security and safety of the nation. For instance, in the USA, this is referred to as a Social Security Number. This is a nine-digit code that is issued to the permanent citizens of the USA along with the temporary citizens working there. This concept has been adopted by India, and the Aadhaar card system came into existence.

Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card

The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India was developed and provided the task of issuing and developing Aadhaar cards. This agency was developed by the Indian government in the year 2009 and it directly operates under the power of the Central government. The main purpose of this agency is to verify the democratic as well as biometric details of the Indian residents.

When the data is collected, it is put into a centralized database system known as the UID database. The major data center of the UIDAI where the card details are stored is located at IMT or Industrial Model Township Manesar, Haryana, India. This project actually boasts of being the largest national identification number project in the whole world.

What do you need to know about the Aadhar card services?

  • You can easily download the card online from the Online Portal of UIDAI
  • Check the status of your Aadhaar card if it is generated after the enrolment
  • It has now become easy to search for the nearest Aadhaar enrollment center located in your region. You can easily look for one if you need to update your Aadhaar details.
  • If you misplace or forget your Aadhaar enrollment number, visit online to retrieve it quickly.
  • You can now quickly update your address given in the Aadhar by visiting the UIDAI web portal. This service is available free of cost.
  • It is really easy to verify the number of your Aadhaar using the online portal
  • The Aadhar biometrics can be unlocked and locked through the online application called mAadhaar.
  • Employees can easily track the status of the Aadhar-bank account by linking online
  • Checking the Aadhaar authentication history can help you to track down the authentication requests of the last six months
  • In order to protect the Aadhaar as well as provide you with extra security, you can now retrieve or generate your Aadhaar virtual ID against the given Aadhaar enrolment number

Details of your Aadhar card

The Aadhar card actually contains several details in itself. Some of the details are directly mentioned on this card, whereas, the rest is stored in the database and can be accessed only through the authorized channels.

What are the details mentioned on the Aadhar card?

  • Date of birth
  • Name of the cardholder
  • Aadhar enrolment number
  • Photograph
  • Gender
  • Residential address
  • QR code which represents the Aadhaar number

Which details are stored in the Aadhaar database?

  • Iris scan
  • Fingerprints

How can you obtain the Aadhar card?

As we are completely aware of the advantages and meaning of holding an Aadhar card, so we understand the importance and need of having it.

The next question which arises here is how to obtain the card. Well, there is a proper systematic protocol that you need to follow step by step to apply for your Aadhar card.

First of all, as an applicant, you need to provide your personal details as required at the time of applying for your Aadhaar. After the details are properly verified, your Aadhar card will be issued by the government of India. If you want, you can check the status of the Aadhar enrollment online. Now, let us understand the Aadhar card application process step by step:

About Aadhaar Card

  • Check Aadhaar Update History

The other issuing authority UIDAI has made several provisions for individuals for checking the Aadhaar update history shown on the official website. This feature actually enables the users to check the exact history of Aadhaar details update requests. When someone changes his mobile number, address or email address, it is possible for him to update the same in his Aadhaar card. This update is usually stored under the update request number or URN in the database of UIDAI. Users can get the demographic and biometric details updated offline. And, the updated details can be easily viewed online.

How can you check the Aadhaar update history online?

When users visit the UIDAI portal, they can view the Aadhaar update history online. It is important to register your mobile number in the database of UIDAI in order to avail of this facility. The following steps need to be executed for checking the Aadhaar update history:

  • Visit the portal of UIDAI
  • Choose the ‘Aadhaar  update history’ tab located under the ‘Aadhaar update’ section
  • Now enter your Virtual ID or Aadhaar  number along with the security code
  • You need to select if you want to generate the TOTP code from the mAadhaar application or one-time password on your registered phone number.
  • Select the option to “Send OTP”. A want time password will be directly and immediately sent registered number.
  • Again, the time-based OTP that is generated in the mAadhaar application can also be used for authentication
  • Now, click on the submit button
  • You can view all the updates on your screen, irrespective of whether they are performed offline or online or in demographic or biometric data.

What are the details mentioned in the Aadhaar update history?

The details which you can view on the screen usually contain the below-mentioned information:


The update request number is generated when the request is placed. This URN code is used for checking the update request status.

User photo

The user photo is properly displayed on the screen

Data type

Demographic, biometric, or new request

Demographic information

Details like mobile number, name, date of birth, email id, and address are mentioned in the Aadhaar

The exact date of update

It signifies the date of submitting your request for updating the Aadhaar details.

Time and date of checking

The actual time and date for checking your Aadhaar update will be mentioned on your screen

What are the features of Aadhaar update history?

  • Aadhaar  virtual ID can be used to check the Aadhaar  update history
  • The changes made in the Aadhaar details will be available to you
  • If you find that none of the updates are displayed on the screen but you have performed them previously, immediately report the same to your UIDAI without delay.
  • Only the individual whose Aadhaar update history is being updated can access the details.
  • This facility is impossible to access offline. Even if you visit the Aadhaar Enrollment Centre in your region, it is impossible for the executive to provide you with these details.

What do you need to keep in mind while checking the Aadhaar update history?

  • Your phone number should be linked with the other in order to use this latest facility
  • If the mAadhaar application is already installed on your mobile then you can simply enter the TOTP available for authentication instead of the OTP code sent to your mobile number.
  • The updates available till now will be completely made available on your screen
  • The results cannot be downloaded in any way
  • You can just take a screenshot of the available results to store them for future reference.
  • Aadhaar Virtual ID

The Aadhaar Virtual ID comprises a 16-digit temporary court which is used for Aadhaar authentications. The UIDAI virtual ID can be provided by two agencies instead of the Aadhaar number in order to protect the details of your Aadhaar card from being accessed by third parties. The virtual can also be used for e-KYC at government and private organizations. The society has been started by UIDAI and it came into complete enforcement on June 1, 2018. This id has been developed in order to address the problems related to the breach of Aadhaar data. It is almost next to impossible to track down the Aadhaar number from the provided virtual ID. This virtual ID can also be used for downloading Aadhaar cards from the UIDAI portal.

The virtual ID can be defined as an alternative option to the Aadhaar number and this temporary code consisting of 16 numerals is generated against an individual’s Aadhaar number. Under no circumstances, this virtual ID can be used for the retrieval of the original Aadhaar number. Only one virtual ID is created against a specific Aadhaar number and the users can generate this id repeatedly. The code is usually valid for 24 hours and can be easily changed with changes in date and time.

11 steps to be followed for generating your Aadhaar virtual ID online

Users need to generate the virtual IDs against their respective Aadhaar numbers. Users need to visit the official site of UIDAI for generating the codes. It is also possible that the VID generation feature becomes accessible in the mAadhaar application in the future. It is important to note that users need to have their mobile number registered with the UIDAI in order to avail of this service. The Virtual ID will be directly sent to the registered mobile number of the user. Those who do not have a mobile number registered with UIDAI, need to first complete the process of linking the mobile number with an Aadhaar card. The exact process for retrieving the virtual ID is similar to that of VID generation. The following steps need to be executed in order to generate your Aadhaar Virtual ID:

Why is the Aadhaar virtual ID important?

Several cases of Aadhaar data leakage have been reported. Individuals have now become highly concerned about the safety of Aadhaar details. The virtual ID concept has been developed by UIDAI in order to address the rising concerns of individuals. If you provide the virtual ID code to agencies instead of your Aadhaar, they cannot retrieve your Aadhaar number. But the authentication service can be executed smoothly. Thus, the agencies will not be able to access your Aadhaar details, keeping it safe from third parties and hackers.

The virtual ID can be generated by other holders and used for authentication for specific services. As soon as the authentication service is completed, the virtual ID can be generated by the applicant. So, even if an agency saves your Aadhaar details illegally, it will be rendered useless.

What are the features of Aadhaar Virtual ID?

Several upgrades have been made by UIDAI in its system using the virtual ID. Some of the features are in listed below for your convenience:

  • Only a single virtual ID can be issued at a specific time. When a new virtual ID is generated, the old one is automatically flushed out.
  • The virtual ID is nothing but a temporary 16 digit code that can easily replace your Aadhaar for authentication
  • No cap is applicable to the virtual ID generation
  • The old virtual ID is valid until the user generates the new one
  • Agencies are not authorized to store Aadhaar details or the virtual ID taken for the purpose of authentication
  • No agency can ever force an application to provide the Aadhaar number for verification or e KYC
  • Every agency needs to take consent from users for Aadhaar  authentication using the virtual ID
  • In the case of retrieving the Aadhaar, the previously generated virtual ID is directly sent to your registered phone number
  • It is not mandatory to generate a virtual IDs and users can furnish their Aadhaar numbers instead of the virtual IDs.

FAQs related to UIDAI virtual ID

Can I get a virtual ID even if I do not hold an Aadhaar card?

The virtual ID is created against the Aadhaar card number and so if you do not have an Aadhaar card; it is not possible to create a virtual ID. You first need to apply for an Aadhaar card. After the other number is generated, you can go for the virtual ID.

Can I generate the virtual ID if I have the enrolment ID?

Virtual ID can be generated only against your Aadhaar number. The ID generation service from the enrolment number has not yet been provided.

Can I generate my virtual ID even if my mobile number is not linked with my Aadhaar card?

It is mandatory to link your mobile number with Aadhaar in order to avail the online facilities. Users who have not yet linked their mobile numbers with their Aadhaar cards should immediately visit the nearby Aadhaar Enrollment Center. After this, the virtual ID can be created.

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