COVID 19 Certificate as proof of vaccination

If you’ve been completely vaccinated against COVID 19 disease, you need to have a vaccination certificate to prove that you are vaccinated. You can utilize this certificate to travel from one country to the other freely with the certificate. It can be utilized for entering at an events and entertainment venues in other countries.

The European Union’s COVID-19 certificate (digital) has 3 various certificates: These includes

  1. Certificate for vaccination against COVID-19

This certificate shows the name of the last vaccine, the time it was administered & the vaccine doses number that you’ve received. If you’ve received 2 doses, just the name of the second COVID 19 vaccine dose received will be on the certificate.

  1. Certificate of negative test result

You will get this certificate once you’ve undergone a COVID-19 test & the results have come back negative. This certificate is based on your most current test results.

  1. Certificate of recovering from COVID-19

This certificate is issued the moment you have recovered from COVID-19 disease and the disease has been confirmed using a positive PCR-test result. There are 2 kinds of COVID-19 tests: This includes PCR tests & antigen tests (rapid diagnostic tests). The rapid test result isn’t sufficient proof that you’ve recovered from COVID-19.

About Vaccination Certificates

COVID 19 vaccination certificate is made in Vaccine Administration-Management System (VAMS) after healthcare professional-logs a COVID-19 vaccine dose to a recipient at VAMS.

The certificate includes data like the vaccine administration date(s), lot number, vaccine manufacturer & clinic name.

After recipient receives required number of dose(s) for COVID 19 vaccine to be vaccinated wholly, the COVID 19 vaccine certificate assists as recipient’s vaccination record documented in VAMS.

Recipients access vaccination certificates in the Recipient Portal every time.

Select clinic-clients can access vaccination records in VAMS that depends on allocated role(s) at system. Clinic client’s access is noted below every section subheader at the document. The client’s clinic type (standard & mobile or third-party) will command how clinic users access vaccination certificates at VAMS.

Downloading certificate for COVID 19 vaccine

If you’ve received the 1st or 2nd dose of Sputnik, Covishield, Covaxin vaccine jab and you are wondering how to download a vaccination certificate, below is a quick guide that will direct you on the way to go. The certificate can be downloaded online using Umang, Aarogya Setu, Cowin portal, & Digilocker app.

COVID 19 vaccination certificate download from Cowin

Cowin refers to a government-authorized web portal that allows you to register & schedule vaccine appointments. Immediately when you receive inoculated, below are steps for downloading certificate of COVID vaccine.

  • Open Cowin website
  • Click at Register button. You need to register using the registered mobile number & enter OTP received in the SMS
  • After getting the 1st or 2nd dose, this platform will indicate the Certificate tab below your name. Click on the button to download the soft copy of the COVID vaccine certificate.

COVID 19 vaccine certificate download from Aarogya Setu

This is a mobile app in which you can schedule vaccine appointments on Android & iOS devices. It also enables one to download a vaccine certificate. Below are steps followed for that:

  • Download Aarogya-Setu on your smartphone from Google-Play Store & Apple App Store.
  • Head-over to the Cowin tab located at the top & click on Vaccine Certificate
  • Key in your 13-digit reference ID & click on Get Certificate
  • Now download COVID 19 vaccine certificate.

COVID 19 vaccination certificate download from Digilocker

This is a different avenue via which one downloads a COVID-vaccine certificate. The digital platform allows you to keep significant documents on a cloud that can be accessed every time using an app. Digilocker is accessible on Android & iOS for every user.

  • Download the Digilocker app on your smartphone
  • Register on app utilizing personal information like name, Aadhaar number, and address
  • Scroll-down, head over to the Health section, & click on Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, choose Vaccine Certificate
  • Add 13-digit reference ID & download vaccine certificate

Downloading COVID 19 vaccination certificate with Umang app

This is a government source platform that can be utilized to download vaccination-certificate. The application operates on both Android & iPhone & facilitates every government service in a single platform. Below are steps for downloading the certificate:

  • Download the Umang app on your smartphone
  • Click on Cowin in the ‘What’s New-section’
  • Choose ‘Download-Vaccination Certificate’
  • Register/login utilizing the registered-mobile number & OTP
  • Confirm the beneficiary named in the tab & click on Download to receive vaccine certificate

Getting COVID 19 vaccine certificate at WhatsApp

Vaccinated citizens from India can get their vaccination certificates through WhatsApp. It is possible to be done with the steps below.

  • Save contact number +91 9013151515 on your mobile phone
  • Launch WhatsApp & search the number
  • Type & send ‘Covid certificate’
  • Enter OTP
  • If you’ve used that number for registering for vaccination, you’ll get a PDF file of a certificate. When more than a single person has registered using same the number, you will receive an option to choose a member that you need a COVID 19 vaccine certificate.

Downloading COVID 19 vaccine certificate minus reference number or beneficiary ID

Downloading COVID 19 vaccine certificate minus reference number or beneficiary ID, you will use Cowin portal or Umang app.

Downloading COVID 19 vaccine certificate for international travel

Users download their COVID 19 vaccine certificate for international travel from Cowin portal. This certificate is stated to comply with WHO’s digital documentation of COVID-19 vaccination status. The certificate contains a date of birth, vaccine name, doses are taken, type, number & dates of doses, and manufacturer.

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