DRDO’s anti-Covid drug available in the market

DRDO’s anti-Covid drug is made by the Institute of Nuclear-Medicine & Allied Sciences that’s formally understood as INMAS. This is a laboratory of the Defence Research & Development Organisation. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories in cooperation with DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organization) scientists made the anti-Covid drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose. The drug was commercially launched in early June. After the launch, the drug was made available to government & private hospitals.

DRL is a manufacturing partner of this drug, made by scientists at the Institute of Nuclear-Medicine & Allied Sciences, DRDO lab found in Delhi. Yet the particle was originally made as a possible therapeutic agent in the treatment of other cancers. It was newly re-purposed for usage like an adjuvant at treating moderate to more affected Covid-19 patients at medical facilities.

DRDO’s anti-Covid drug Trials

At the 1st wave of Covid in April 2020, DRDO-scientists at INMAS held some lab experiments with the collaboration of the Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology. While carrying out the Experiment, they discovered that the DRDO 2-DG molecule operates best against the SARS-CoV-2 virus & controls the development of the virus. In May 2020, DCGI offered permission to start phase-II trials at clinics with Corona Patients.

Phase-II trials were done from May – October 2020. At this period, the scientists found that DRDO Drug is secure for use with Corona Patients & also showed noticeable recovery. DRDO 2DG drug phase-II & phase-IIb tests were done in 6 & 11 medical centers respectively in India.

After the trials, the response was positive in Phase-II & Phase-IIb, DCGI allowed 2DG phase-III trials back in November 2020. 220 patients were included in the Phase-II trial that was done from December 2020 – March 2021. The patients included in the trial were from 27-Covid-1 Hospitals of West Bengal, UP, Gujarat, Delhi, Telangana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Karnataka & Tamilnadu. Most of the patients revealed improvements & got to be independent of supplemental oxygen by the third day.

DRDO’s anti-Covid drug for emergency use

This anti-Covid drug consists of a glucose analog known as 2-DG, which operates by hindering viral development in the body. Viruses normally need oxygen for surviving. When this drug is injected into a patient body, it is attached to a virus & blocks it from further multiplication. Scientists claim that it limits complications & severity linked with infections.

Assist in quicker recovery

Clinical test outcome shows that the molecule assists in quicker recovery of hospitalized patients & decreases supplemental dependence on oxygen. A higher percentage of Covid patients that are treated using 2-DG revealed RT-PCR negative conversion. Drugs Controller-General of India granted permission for restricted usage in an emergency state.


The DRDO issued guidelines on the usage of the 2-DG drug to patients suffering from COVID-19. They stated that caution needs to be exercised as they prescribe the medicine to individuals that have comorbidities like severe cardiac issues, uncontrolled diabetes & acute respiratory-distress syndrome.

The DCGI approved the use of a 2-deoxy-D-glucose drug in case there is an emergency. It can be utilized as an adjunct therapy in moderate to severe-coronavirus patients back in May.

The approval of this drug comes at a period where India is struggling with a record-breaking coronavirus pandemic wave that stretched the country’s healthcare resources to the limit.

The drug is available in form of the powder packed in a sachet & it’s taken orally through dissolving it inside water.

Efficiency trends, patients treated using 2-DG displayed quicker symptomatic treatment than a standard of care at different endpoints.

DRDO Anti-Covid Drug Efficiency

The First Clinical test of 2DG shows faster recovery in patients that are hospitalized. The molecule assists in the reduction of supplemental-oxygen dependency. As it’s a general molecule & analog of glucose, the construction of the medicine is simple & can be made at a large scale in less time. More of the Covid-patient that are treated using DRDO-2DG medicine displayed RT-PCR bad conversions.

Patients that were offered 2-DG medication showed faster and better improvement compared to the Standard of Care. DRDO Anti-Covid Drug arrives in a powdered way & it’s easily taken through dissolving it inside water. This treats cells that are infected by the virus & prevent the development of the virus.

DRDO Drug availability

DRDO Covid-drug is best for emergency usage plus it is accessible. After approving the 2DG drug, labs are offered to go for production & it will soon be available for the public in the needed quantity.

DRDO 2DG drug cost

Dr. Sudhir Chandna said that the cost of this medicine will rely on production & production information is accessible at Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

DRDO 2DG drug price will be ranging from 500 to 600 INR. This will be in the budget of the citizens and the government may help in subsidizing the cost.

DRDO Drug Side Effects

When Dr. Sudhir Chandana was asked about the side effects of DRDO Drug, he said that trials were done at every all stage of patients with corona. Every patient got just the benefits & no side effects which were noticed. Thus it’s concluded that DRDO 2-DG has no side effects.

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