Glenmark Life Sciences IPO Allotment Status Check at kFintech, BSE

Check Glenmark Life Sciences IPO Allotment Status online here at kFintech and BSE india. Actually there are many other ways to check if you are allotted with Glenmark IPO Shares or not. On the day of Glenmark IPO Allotment, you are going to get a email from the company from which you have applied Glenmark Life Sciences IPO regarding if you have allotted the shares or not. Here you can check the processes to check Glenmark IPO Allotment Status on and

This year, post Corona, we have seen great IPO’s listings back to back. From the Zomato, to Mobikwik, the upcoming Bajaj Energy and now the Glenmark. Indeed, for the share market investors, there a lot to come. Thus get ready and keep your eyes on the latest Glenmark IPO which is already open till 29th July 2021. Here we will thus discuss more regarding the Glenmark IPO Allotment Status 2021. And thus how can you check your status from the BSE or at Kfintech, by reading the full article below.

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Glenmark Life Sciences IPO Allotment Status

Founded in 1977, Mumbai based Indian Drug manufacturing company, thus Glenmark Life sciences is actively supporting our pharmaceutical sector. Moreover, the company has been producing drugs for the major areas. Hence covering Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders and much more. Also, not only giving its services in India but globally too.

This year, thus the Glenmark Life sciences, has kicked off stupendously as its IPO was subscribed almost 2.84 times on the first day. Also it was seen that by 12 pm the Glenmark IPO was fully subscribed on day 1. And thus the company will be listing on the Bombay Stock Exchange along with the National Stock Exchange. Moreover, we can thus expect the finalizing of the Glenmark IPO Allotment Status positively by 3rd August 2021.

Glenmark Life Sciences IPO Stats

Name of the CompanyGlenmark Life Sciences
IPO Listings at1. National Stock Ex. (NSE)
2. Bombay Stock Ex. (BSE)
Glenmark IPO Starts on27th July 2021 (Tuesday)
Glenmark IPO Ends on29th July 2021 (Thursday)
Lot size of Glenmark IPO20
Face value of each shareRs. 2
Glenmark IPO SizeRs. 1513.60 cr.
Prize band of IPORs. 695 – 720/-

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Glenmark IPO GMP

Rolex Rings IPO Grey Market Premium

Upcoming IPO August 2021

Glenmark IPO Schedule 2021:

1. IPO opens27th July 2021
2. IPO Closes29th July 2021
3. Finalizing of Allotment Basis3rd August 2021
4. Refund Initiation starts4th August 2021
5. Equity Shares Credit by5th August 2021
6. Listing on6th August 2021 @ Glenmark Life Sciences IPO Allotment Status Allotment Status

kFintech is thus the largest registrar in market’s investing sector. Hence, now even you can check the Glenmark IPO Allotment Status 2021 at kFintech site. Use the following steps to proceed with its allotment status below:

  • Firstly start by visiting the kFintech site at
  • Secondly from there, just proceed with the IPO status. After that, you will then see links for check the allotment status of the IPO you want to check.
  • After that, now select the Glenmark IPO status and thus proceed ahead.
  • Now you can either search with your application no. or Client ID and now also with the Pan Card no.
  • Thereafter, you will get different options, based on the choice in above point.
    • For instance, upon going with the “Application no., thus you can choose the application type there.
    • Secondly if you have thus selected the Client ID. Then you must enter the same below.
    • Finally if you go with the PAN Card Option, then you have to jusr enter the PAN no. and its done.
  • After this, you the insert the given code there.
  • Lastly upon pressing the Submit, you will thus get the Glenmark IPO Allotment Status 2021.

NOTE: If you see clearly then, the current allotment status for the Glenmark is not available right now. This is because, currently the Glenmark IPO is going on. Hence, it will take almost 6 days ones the IPO closes to get the Glenmark Life Sciences IPO Allotment Status.

Glenmark IPO Allotment Status @

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The Bombay Stock Exchange lets you check the Glenmark IPO Allotment Status now on their site. Thus here you can find the company and thereby using the details thus given here. You can get the status right away.

  • Firstly go to the BSE Glenmark Life Sciences IPO Allotment Status page right away using the link
  • Secondly now you will see the Glenmark Life Sciences IPO Allotment Status page there.
  • Afterwards you must select the “equity” in the issue type of the application.
  • Later on now you search the name of the company, from the given list at BSE.
  • Thus you have to now give the details of the Application no. succeeded by the PAN Card no there.
  • Lastly enter the code and thus you can press the Search option to finally get the Glenmark IPO Allotment Status 2021 there.

Glenmark IPO Allotment Status Links 2021

Our PortalNHM Punjab
CategoryGlenmark IPO
kFintech Glenmark IPO Allotment status atVisit Here
BSE Glenmark IPO allotment status atVisit Here
Glenmark Site

Glenmark IPO Allotment Status 2021 FAQ’s

Can I check the Glenmark Life Sciences IPO Allotment Status somewhere else as well?

Yes you can. For instance, even Groww application. But the above shared site will let you check the Status there only. Check the same above.

What will happen if the Glenmark IPO shares get oversubscribed?

In that case, the company will thus proportionately distribute the given shares amongst its investors. The aim is thus to give every investor something from the lot. Hence, they use the lottery method in distributing that. Therefore, you thus cannot predict who will be getting how much shares. It may happen that there might be some investors, who will thus not get anything if oversubscription happens.

If I didn’t get the IPO allotment, then what will happen to my Invested money?

Do not worry folks. As in that case, the blocked IPO amount will thus be unblocked. And thus you can get the money back in your account.

As I apply for the Glenmark IPO, Then what will happen to thee IPO amount?

When you apply for the IPO. Then the same amount gets blocked in your account and thus you will not be able to use it.

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