Nitric Oxide Nasal-Spray for COVID-19

NONS (Nitric Oxide Nasal-Spray) is made to kill a virus in the upper airways, which prevents it from spreading to the lungs and incubating.  NONS is found to be a secure & efficient antiviral treatment that prevents COVID-19 transmission, shortens the course, & reduces the harshness of symptoms at clinical trials.

NONS is made to kill the COVID-19 virus and it’s based on nitric-oxide, that have proven anti-microbial features & a direct outcome on SARS-CoV-2.

SaNOtize treatment relies on nitric oxide, that’s a natural nano molecule created by the human body with some proven anti-microbial features shown to obligate direct effect at SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes Covid-19. Treatment is delivered using nasal spray, nasal lavage, or throat gargle. As protection & weapon against Covid-19, anticipating emergency approval, the nasal spray will prove to be the game-changer in numerous countries that are severely affected including India

The efficiency of Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray

Lab tests done at SaNOtize treatment in Utah-State University’s Antiviral-Research Institution confirmed the company’s Nitric-Oxide Releasing Solution unplugged more than 99.9% of the virus which causes Covid-19, in 72 hours. Rodent training was done at Colorado State Uni. showed that an average of 95% decrease in SARS-CoV-2 virus load tested at the day resulting in infection with half rodents having no noticeable virus. This followed inoculation with virus & two treatments of nasal spray.

Interventions for treating COVID 19 virus are welcomed. NONS being a relatively simple and easy nasal spray can be a very efficient treatment is & provides an important advance in the therapeutic armory against the devastating disease. St Peters Hospitals & Ashford is proud to trial the intervention.

Nitric Oxide Nasal-Spray Phase-2 trial

Nitric oxide nasal-spray developed by SaNOtize, can kill every kind of virus. The spray sends a little amount of nitric-oxide to the nose and this will assist in killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Nitric Oxide Nasal-Spray at India

After World Health Organization recommended, government agencies of countries support the usage of emergency utilize authorization of spray. Some countries have approved the usage the spray as a medical device. The spray makers sought permission to utilize emergency in Britain as well & plan testing its 3rd phase that’s being planned.

If there’s a need to have 3rd stage trial or not, the regulator decides. Sanotize requires to carryout Phase-3 trials for 4 to 5 thousand people. Other parts of trials for Phase-3 may happen in India. They’re searching for funding for this. Immediately the funding is accessible, companies will be capable to move ahead & conduct trials in India.

The significance of nitric-oxide within the human body & its healing properties was initially found by Prof. Murad Ferid who has a Nobel Prize in 1998 in Medicine and is a member of SaNOtize board.

NONS is a safe tech that is efficient in treating various infections, including that of Covid-19. Everyone thinks you get a virus, & it gets to the lungs, & you die, though it is a progression. You need to get exposed first to it, & the virus attempts to attach to cells inside your nose, & it takes a bit of time to incubate, & multiply at nasal cells. After a few days, the virus will move into your lungs.

SaNOtize treatment

This easy treatment will help us in resuming our normal work, social life & travel fast and with confidence that even when we inhale a virus, we will be protected against it & destroy it through applying SaNOtize solution at a regular basis.

SaNOtize treatment needs to be thought being an effective treatment for upper airways, the same way the time people utilize hand sanitizers for cleaning their hands outside of the body. When individuals are possibly exposed, they spray to wash their top airways & kill the virus, before it creates serious illness. Research published in Nature-confirms which the nose remains the primary-infection area particularly in an early period of infection. Hospital-trials which has nitric oxide remain underway in the US & Europe which has a serious illness of corona patients inhaling gas which kills the virus in their lungs & prevents progression to more infection. SaNOtize’s solution is applied away from the hospital setting. It’s simple to utilize, safe and inexpensive.

The corporation’s strategy is utilizing the Nitric-Oxide spray as a multi-stage defense on infection & offers efficient treatment for moderate and mild cases to stop severe inflammatory infection and response of lungs. Scientists consider coronavirus is spread through airborne-droplets to mucous membranes in nose, where it’s replicated in a three-day period of incubation, which damages the nasal mucosa-cells. It is carried in nasal secretions to the lower respiratory tract, leading to a danger of deadly viral pneumonia.

SaNOtize Nitric Oxide-Nasal Spray kills 99.9 percent of COVID 19 virus at lab tests

The nasal spray blocks virus-related entry inside the body. It destroys viruses & prevents them from reproducing

Nitric-oxide stops ACE-2 receptor vital for a virus to contaminate cells, destroys Covid-mutant variations

Some clinical trials have already started in some countries

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