Apply Online Driving Licence DL Application Status Apply Online For Driving Licence and Learner Licence online. Check Sarthi Parivahan DL Application Status Online, Application Form and status check.

Sarathi Parivahan Sewa Site/ Portal to get DL Services for your own state. Hence with the digital services as available in numerous sectors now. Thus we have one for the Regional Transport Office as well. Hence a good news for all those new learners or the advanced ones who thus want DL LL Apply Online Link, make necessary changes in them etc. Can thus get benefit from this article. Here we have covered in detail the Sarathi Parivahan Sewa for you people.

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Sarathi Parivahan Sewa Apply Online Driving Licence Apply Apply Online

Hence now the individual need not to visit the RTO office anymore for small things. Moreover, many of the things regarding your DL or learning licence is thus at your fingers now. Hence you can thus easily edit, update or replace or make new DL with this SARATHI service. LL DL Apply Online

Site for Road Transport ServiceSarathi Parivahan Sewa
Licence availableFor all states.
No. of vehicles registered so far30 Cr. + by June 2021
No. of DL Issued through Sarathi13 Cr. by June 2021
Services available at SARATHIAll the services of Regional Transport Office
Application Site of SARTHI portal Apply Apply Online LL Learning License Application Form 2021

As many of you must be right now in your teen age or approaching 18. Thus you must get the LL for the responsible driving ahead. hence check how can you register for your LL online at home or from anywhere.

  • Firstly proceed with SARATHI login at
  • Secondly at the homepage, you see the “State Selection” bar. Thus pick your state and now in next page you will encounter many services related to the Driving Licence.
  • Now pick the Learning Licence option and proceed. LL LL LL Form
  • Later on you need to select your category and make sure that you are currently not holding any of the DL be it for 2 wheeler or 4 wheelers. Then submit the same.
  • Then, start with selecting the RTO office of your district with PIN code. Thereafter complete your personal details as asked there.
  • Then fill the current address and then clicking on class of vehicles as included there from the list.
  • Finally post your Sarathi Parivahan Sewa app for LL there.
  • Later on add prominent details there as asked.
  • Next is to pay the fees as per your category and class of vehicles as chosen by you.
  • Finally next to verifying the given payment, now the procedure is over.

Sarathi Parivahan Sewa DL Driving License Application Form 2021 Application Application Application Form
  • Starting is same as it was for the LL Application. Thus now after selecting the State. Go for the “DL” tab next.
  • Thus after this, process your LL licence no. there with the birth date there.
  • Next comes documents uploading at the Parivahan portal.
  • Later on first select the DL slot for testing and then pay the required fees thereafter while keeping the fee receipt.
  • Finally have the receipt of DL Application at Sarathi Parivahan Sewa portal. DL Application Status Check

Now DL Apply Online. If now you want to see that how far your application has reached , then you can do the same on the Sarthi portal. Check how to do the same below: Status Status Status Check
  • Again the starting steps will be same as above.
  • Now after reaching the page, having all the services of Sarathi Parivahan Sewa. Thus now you can select “Sarthi Parivahan Application Status Check” from the same.
  • Pressing submit after you entered the app no. and the birth date in the place provided there.
  • Finally go for checking Application Status.

Sarthi Parivahan DL Name Change, Address, DOB Correction

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In case you have moved to a new city, or you have changed your no. registered there. Thus everything is now possible sitting at home. Screening Screening Screening Test

  • Firstly visit the
  • Secondly select your state and get in the next page.
  • Now after this, select either change your address/ or change no. or duplicate DL etc. as applicable to you.
  • Thereby address your DL no. with the D.O.B and go next.
  • Next fill the new address or no. as you want and proceed. Application Form, Status Check

Change address in Current DLClick Here
Sarthi Parivahan Application Status CheckCheck Here
Extracting your DL at SarthiCheck Here

FAQ’s For Sarathi Parivahan Application Status Check, Apply Online

Can I re-edit my application at SARTHI?

Yes you can. Select the state and then choose the option as you want.

As a learner, I have my LL test. And before that I want to LL Apply Online. Is it possible?

Yes absolutely. After selecting state. In the LL option scroll below to give the test.

If I have my Foreign DL with me. can I make a new one here?

Yes you just have to give the details of the Foreign Dl . Along with this, give address and therefore all the process are similar to what is given above.

Where i can check my DL Status? is the official website to check your application status.

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