Sooneeta Free Fire ID no, Stats, Instagram ID, Diamonds, Monthly Income

As the PubG was down, the game constantly kept the gamers all around was definitely the Free Fire. Thus there is a boom for the Free Fire content creator in the you tube and other platforms. So far, you must have heard about the Ajjubhai you tube channel. And now we have one more with us, this time a girl. Yes, coming from the hills of Nepal, Sunita Thapa Magar is raising the bars high with her amazing performance in the Free Fire. Check Sooneeta Free Fire ID Number, Stats, Her instagram ID, Diamonds and Sooneeta FF Monthly Income.

Sunita has her you tube channel in which she streams her Free Fire game online with the viewers in the name of “Sooneeta”. Now Sooneeta is basically her IGN name (Free Fire). As currently a part of the “Team Lava” roster, she also runs her own gaming content on you tube. Moreover, she is going great with 4.1 million followers here in the list. Read till the end to know more about the Free Fire Content Creator Sooneeta here. We will discuss her stats, performance, country, social accounts and many more. Also below you can comment your favorite gaming content creator.

Sooneeta Free Fire ID (active FF ID) no. : 131311296.

Current Overall Stats of Sooneeta Free Fire ID:

The free fire id of the Sunita is 131311296. Moreover, if you want then, you can also search for her ID in your game. Just open the Free Fire on your mobile and then click on the “ADD” tab. After this, you have to type Sooneeta Free Fire ID which is 131311296. After you are done with this, click on search and you will her ID.

After this you can see her stats, her performance and final K/D ratio.

Let us now cover in detail the Lifetime statistics of Sooneeta/ Sunita here.

  • SOLO Games: in the solo games, the you tuber has marked 887 no. of solo games in her name and thus has a total of 65 wins. Thus taking her wining percentage to 7.10%. Also along with this she ahs 1378 kills and thus maintaining her kill to death ratio (K/D) as 1.67. This is above average.
  • DUO Mode : Now coming to the Duo game mode in Free Fire, so Sooneeta has played around 1900 matches and was able to clear 292 out of all. Her winning percentage went to 15.37%. Again with 3440 no. of kills in her name, she scored K/D ratio as 2.14. Which is really a good one.
  • SQUAD Matches: Completing 21213 no. of squad matches, with total of 4853 top spots, thus this let to her winning percentage at 22.87%. An amazing K/D ratio was seen at 3.13.

Classified Statistics of Sooneeta Free Fire Id:

Gaming like anything else, gets better when you are consistent in it. Hence, the same applies here as well. You will get to know more about her performance as I am sharing it below:-

  • In the current ranked season, mountain girl Sunita a.k.a Sooneeta has played 845 no. of squad matches and thus registering total no. of wins to 199. Thereby maintaining the winning percentage to 23.55%. Also, she has 3302 kills, hence has scored excellent K/D ratio of 5.11.
  • Duet Game: Out of the 7 games in the duet, managed to win 2 games. Thus, winning percentage comes to 28.57%. Here the K/D ratio was 6.4.
  • Solo Games: Here our gaming girl has played 2 solo games with 3 kills and hence the K/D ratio comes to 1.50.

NOTE: Here the statistics was noted while the writing the article. However it many change depending upon the time you read this article.

Sooneeta Free Fire Monthly Income

Hailing from the capital of Nepal that is Kathmandu. Sumita Thapa now known with her IGN name Sooneeta was not a gamer since her childhood. Yet she hot the interest in the Free Fire from her brother. They both then played together. And like always, whatever you are doing, and if your are consistent in it then it definitely improves. This happens with her game as well.

Sooneeta started her you tube channel “SOONEETA” in 2018. She creates gaming content (Free Fire) there. With active 4.1 million subscribers and 650 videos in all, she is going great. You can check her videos here as shared below with you all.

You can thus also visit her official channel of you tube “Sooneeta” here at, to see her upcoming latest Free Fire videos. She has also shared her complete journey so far in her channel. Indeed she is an inspiration for the girls of her town. Moreover often aspiring them to be much more than what they think they can do.

Insta ID & other Accounts of Sooneeta :

As you have already seen her you tube journey above in the article. Now talking about her Instagram. So Sooneeta is rolling high with 571k followers and 172 posts.

Next I will thus share important links to directly access her social media accounts below:-

You tube Channel – Sooneeta
Insta ID of Sooneetasooneetathapamgr
Discord – Sooneeta
Booyah – Sooneeta
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All this was about our lady gamer Sooneeta and the glimpse of her journey. Don’t forget to write about your fav. You tube gamer next down in the comments. We will be happy to hear it out from you people!

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