Telangana Treasury Bill Status 2021 Pay Slip Salary IFMS Challan Status

Telangana Treasury Bill Status 2021 check at IFMS Challan Status and Pay Slip Generation online.

The T-Bill or the Treasury Bill as we call it is the govt. backed debt obligation with the least maturity period. That is of maximum period of 1 yrs or even in months time. Therefore the T- Bills often issues the salary slips or the pay slips and finally the IFMS bills. Now the IFMS is the Integrated Financial Management System of the Telangana Treasury.

In simple words, if you want to know what the Treasury Bills is or should we invest in the same or not. Or if you are looking for the TS Treasury Bill Status 2021. Then you must then follow the complete article. As we will then cover it bit by bit to make you understand the T Bills in the simplest way here. Also at last you can leave your thoughts on the T bills or the IFMS bills later in the comments section.

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Telangana Treasury Bill Status 2021

Let us first of all understand the importance of T bills here. See they come under the G-Sec. or the govt. Securities. Now this is nothing but the debt papers as issued by the RBI on the behalf of the central or the state gov.. For instance, in case a govt (be it central or state) need some funding for its expenditure. Now the expenditure may include the construction works like highways, hospitals, canals etc .

Telangana Treasury Bill Status 2021! Pay Slip Salary IFMS Challan StatusTelangana Treasury Bill Status 2021! Pay Slip Salary IFMS Challan Status

Thus the RBI in order to raise the funds for the gov, starts the auction of Treasuries or the bonds. Moreover, the G-Sec whose maturity is >1 yr. is called Bonds. While those whose maturity is <1 yrs is the T bills. That means thus the RBI auctions the loans in the form of these treasuries. That we people can purchase and thus RBI can locate that funding to the Govt. Now with the upcoming rule, even the retail buyers can thus invest in the T- Bills. While earlier only big financial institutions can purchase these T- Bills from the RBI. And thus if that time we want to purchase it, then we had to do it indirectly through the Mutual funds/ Banks etc.

IFMS Challan Status 2021 Pay Slip

Hence we can say that, here if you purchase the T bills then you will get the backing of the govt. That indicates a low risk here or it will not be wrong if you say it is a 100% risk free investment. Unlike the case of IL&FS where they finally cancelled the repayment. Moreover, you can also expect higher returns than if you invest in the FD’s of the bank.

Now talking about the Telangana Treasury Bill 2021. Thus the Telangana govt. has also started its site for issuance of the T bills. Hence now the one stop platform will cater their needs of checking the bill status or any other updates there.

Download TS Salary Pay Slip:

Telangana Treasury Bill Status 2021! Pay Slip Salary IFMS Challan StatusTelangana Treasury Bill Status 2021! Pay Slip Salary IFMS Challan Status

Now with your employee code or using the account no.. Thus you can get your TS employee pay slip here:

  • Firstly to retrieve your pay slip you must visit
  • Next either go by the Employee Code or the Acc. Code to proceed ahead.
  • Now enter any of the above two options and also the code as provided there.
  • After searching the same, now now get the pdf format of your monthly pay slip there.

TS Treasury Bill Challan Status 2021:

Now with the Telangana Treasuries and accounts portal, you can enjoy the TS Pay Slip facility, Telangana Treasury Bill Status and much more. Now the e-challan is basically the govt. receipt for collecting various taxes. For instance, the sales tax, excise duty, land revenue etc. Therefore now you can too fill the TS T-Bill Challan Bill here with the given steps:

TS Ration Card List 2021

Telangana ePass Scholarship 2021

TS Voter List 2021

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  • Firstly check into the Telangana Treasury Acc. site at
  • Now check in the site itself, move to the Challan Section for the payment of challan.
  • As this is not for the general public, hence you must now deposit the challan money into Stock holding corporation of India.
  • Now before proceeding ahead, you must make sure that you are an active member of the State pension authority. Thus then you are eligible for making the payments.
  • Finally give all the details here, including the Challan Date, state and the challan no..
  • Lastly proceed with the payment with any of the online payment options as available there.

IFMS Challan Status and TS T Bill Status Check Links

1. TS T- bill siteVisit Here
2. Generating pay bill slipCheck Here
3. Telangana IFMIS siteVisit Here

Telangana T Bill Status and IFMIS FAQ’s:

How can I Login at Telangana Treasury Account site?

You can do this by visiting the site as mentioned above. Now kindly find the Login portal at the top of the home page. Thereby start by entering the STO code, with the user name followed by the password. Finally you are logged in at TS Treasury site.

I can’t remember my TS login details. What to do next?

Not an issue. You can get it by pressing the “Forget Password option”. Finally retrieve your lost password by adding the Username and then the OTP there.

Please share the IFMIS contact details.

It is 9010256086. And thus you can reach to them anytime from 11 am to 5 pm everyday.

How can I get the Challan Entry form through IFMIS Portal?

It is simple. Firstly start by visiting the IFMIS portal either through Telangana Treasury portal or directly with the link above. Secondly now in the home page you will see “Challans”. Thus open the Challan form next. There kindly fill the treasury & Sub treasury details with the 11 digit DDO no. Finally download your Challan form.

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