Third Wave of Corona in India Precaution Needed to stay safe

Third wave of Corona virus will be in India in no time. Hence, without overlooking the deadly virus and following the available set precautions we can thus escape the new mutant. Thus all details about the new variant, hence being the “Variant of concern”. The Delta along with Lambda mutant. However, upon quickly seeing the past month’s data, then by the mid of June,2021. The cases were going down at a very good pace. Also we must address the excellent vaccination run through the country which somehow lowered the infection rates to much extent. But, like it is called as the “short term happiness”. We are now again seeing the cases of new variants this time.

Moreover, the cause of concern this time is very high. As this Delta & Lambda viruses can easily deceive the antibodies thus created by the current Covaxin and Covishield vaccine as given by the govt. This is mostly because the the new linking of the receptive cells by the virus. But, still the vaccines are on an average 62% effective for the same.

As this variant is also quite contagious, hence people are now suspecting the third wave soon in India and in the world as well. Hence the same warning was also out by the GOI in back in last month. This articles thus covers all the effects and aspects of 3rd wave of Corona pandemic. Along with that we will tell you the precautions and line of actions to save yourself and near ones from COVID-19.

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Third Wave of Corona in India

Just like the 2nd wave proved to be more dangerous than the 1st wave. It will not be a state of surprise to have the third wave as well. moreover some are mentioning that it could prove fatal for the kids this time. However some are claiming their immunity is quite strong. Rest the time will tell. Thereby proper jabs across the country can immensely reduce the fatal affects of the same.

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As we see the cases going down immensely after the June 2021. Especially in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, where it was all time high. Now it is in thousands or somewhere even in hundreds. Hence this was enough to bring the happiness back in life of people and thereby the health experts and the govt. And following which states took back the weekend lockdowns or in some cases the full lockdown.

Thus the after affects resulted in people thwarting the prescribed distancing norms. In no time the long queue in front of the hospitals turned to the water parks, hill stations. No mask no distancing was recorded recently in Manali, and Uttarakhand states. Thus this has now substantially decreased the timing of the upcoming third wave in months.

Now the coming of the third wave of corona virus is inevitable. But what we can do to save ourselves will be covered next.

Next 3rd wave : More Deadlier ?

Until now it seems that the third wave will be backed by the delta and the lambda mutants of the virus. And these variants are already escaping the efficiency of the vaccines we are taking. Hence these are proving to be highly deadly than the previous ones. Also we have seen many new cases of the same in parts of Maharashtra, Delhi and now one in Udham Singh Nagar dist. of U.K as well.

Third Wave of Corona in India, Date, Precaution Needed to stay safeThird Wave of Corona in India, Date, Precaution Needed to stay safe

Also we must understand that we are just being given the booster shots. This means that we still are very likely to contract the virus at any stage. This is even happening after being given complete doses to the people. Hence without taking any chance we must thus follow same rules of distancing and wearing masks.

Symptoms for the 3rd wave of Corona:

As the India’s Health ministry and ICMR told us that in August or by September Third wave of Corona might occur. Hence just 2 months to go. Thus this is a very short period of time to do more in this regard. However, the central as well as the state govt. are making necessary steps for arranging and meeting enough Oxygen needs. Along with this arranging enough medicines for providing quick relief from the affects of the virus.

If we now consider the symptoms, then it is quite similar to what we saw in the previous waves. This includes the fever, breath shortness, continuous backache and the body pain. Thus, it is a request to not take the chance and immediately see the doc as and when you feel like.

Corona symptoms proves fatal only once its get out of control. Thus for handling it in right time, you must thus see your doctor in case the above symptoms persists over 3 days.

Must follow Precautions against the coming 3rd wave of Corona Virus:

Following the given precautions in time you can avert the deadly third wave of corona virus. Not just for yourself and family but for your area as well. Thus follow it sincerely as recommended by the health dept and ministry.

  • First and foremost is washing hands at regular intervals after reaching any outdoor place, with sanitizer/ Soap.
  • secondly keeping Double mask and the Sanitizer intact incase of leaving the house or office etc.
  • Retract yourself from re touching your face / eyes/ nose in a frequent manner.
  • Remembering the 2 feet distance rule always and following it rigorously.
  • Avoid sneezing and coughing in public spaces without covering your mouth nicely.
  • Stay home if you feel you have retracted the virus, and thereby isolating yourself in room for the safety of others. Thus do not hesitate to speak up in this regard.
  • Stay away from smoking and liquor especially when you are recovering. After all health is paramount for all.

Hence, with certain precautions you can keep your cool in the pandemic. Also you must help others dealing and suffering from the same. Even the emotional support would work. After this will pass too. Hence be a helping hand, provide medicines to the one who can’t afford and arranging cylinders will certainly retain our trust in humanity.

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Do let us know if you too have helped someone in the hard times of the pandemic in the comments below. We will be happy to know that from you. Thank you.

FAQ’s Inevitable 3rd wave of Corona:

How long will the 3rd wave last?

Currently we have no ide on this. However if we follow the precautions as given above the certainly we can see it ending soon like the second wave.

Is there a medicine having a good rate of g=fighting this virus?

WHO has recently told about the “Interleukin-6 receptor” . It has shown great results for dealing with the virus. Hopes are thus high on this lot.

Are my children safe in the next wave?

As we have seen health experts commenting on the good immunity of the kids than the adults. This is also evident from the second wave, where our kids were least affected. Hence just following the precaution would be enough. Also keep adding good protein rich diet in their meals and the green veggies. This will keep their immunity intact.

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