Verify Co-Win Vaccination Certificate

Co-win Vaccination Certificate: Co-WIN COVID 19 vaccination certificate contains a digitally signed safe QR code. This is authenticated online with the help of a verification utility at the portal or utilizing a third-party verification application using services which are outlined below.

Option one – Online verification

Steps for verifying a COVID 19 online

  1. Go to site
  2. Click at “Scan-QR” code
  3. A notice will prompt to initiate your device’s camera
  4. Point your camera to the QR code at the bottom right of your certificate issued & scan
  5. Please have the following points inside your mind as you scan the QR code

Complete QR-code needs to be section of the camera frame

QR-code needs to cover about 70% to 80% of the screen

The camera needs to be held steadily in at least 5 sec

QR code needs to be parallel to the camera

6. If the camera is not able to read the QR code in about 45 seconds, a short message will pop up- “Camera isn’t able to read QR code, please try-again”. A try again switch will be shown. Verifier will be needed to scan QR code again with the instructions stated in Step 2.

7. With successful verification, other attributes are shown on the screen:

The message “Certificate-Successfully Verified”

  • Age
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Beneficiary ID
  • Vaccination at
  • Certificate ID
  • Date of Dose
  • Vaccine Name
  • Vaccination Status

8. In case the verification is unsuccessful the certificate isn’t genuine, a screen will display a “Certificate-Invalid” message

Option two –Verification using a third-party verifier app offline

Below are steps followed for offline verification:

  • Access Co-WIN verification service & set up code
  • Acquire code snippet for implementation and reference
  • Replace the public key utilized in the code-snippet using the Public key available.
  • Implement verification service at your apps to read, scan & certify Co-WIN certificates

Cowin Certificate-Verification for Dose 1 and 2

Some verification process, where you can get Cowin Certificate-verification done is simple & every person should have their COVID 19 vaccine certificate verified. Some of the basic details included in a certificate are the vaccine name, first dose vaccine-date, vaccination location, next due date, details about & by whom, etc. are also provided.

After taking the vaccine, you need to download the certificate. You will get the vaccine certificate from Cowin App and Aarogya-Setu App. You are required to take all doses to prevent coronavirus, just then you will avoid the virus. According to an investigation, it’s told that after receiving the vaccine, the virus isn’t fully avoided, though chances of getting infected with coronavirus through vaccine are significantly decreased.

Importance of verifying Covid 19 Vaccine Certificate

As we understand that it’s of abundant significance that you receive a similar vaccine in 2nd dose also. And the dose-gap needs to be optimal. Thus you require showing your COVID 19 Vaccine certificate of the first dose as you visit the hospital to receive the Corona Vaccine2nd dose. Now To understand if all details offered in a certificate remains legit & also the certificate is genuine, you require to move through Cowin certificate-verification process.

  • DRDO Anti-Covid Drug
  • COVID 19 Symptoms
  • Pfizer Vaccine Registering
  • AstraZeneca Vaccine
  • Sputnik Vaccine
  • Moderna Vaccine

Uses of Vaccine Certificate

After receiving the vaccine, you require your vaccination certificate in numerous places, a complete data will be accessible to you. Thus you’ll be providing this certificate at the following places:-

  • You’re offered this certificate after having the first dose.
  • Minus this certificate, you’ll not be having a second dose.
  • Traveling abroad, you’ll need to display your COVID 19 vaccination certificate.
  • You’ll have to submit this certificate for school-admission of the children in the future.
  • You’ll be offered entry via this certificate in a public place.
  • Just with this COVID 19 certificate, you will prove that you’re vaccinated.
  • You’ve to submit a certificate to get every kind of pension.
  • COVID 19 certificate is compulsory for people that have government occupations.

How to correct details at Vaccine Certificate?

  • For this, you’ve to click on a link on an online portal.
  • After that, you need to enter the registered mobile number on the home page
  • OTP will arrive on the number for verifying your identity
  • You’ve to fill OTP & your login will be successful
  • After that on the next page, you’ve to click on “Raise-an-Issue“
  • Then you’ve to choose “Certificate Correction“.
  • After choosing you will be able to make corrections to your form.
  • In a certificate, aside from the name, you will edit through changing any 2 of the photo ID, gender & DOB.
  • After editing is done, you need to click on submit.


Other countries have Vaccine Certificate Verifier applications that verify digital health certificates provided by their Government and other certificates provided by other authorities whose formats are recognized. Clients verify such certificates through a scan of QR-optical code as offered.

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